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Acid Rain

Facts About Acid Rain
Why Should You Care?
How can You Help?
Pros and Cons
Facts About Acid Rain
The Makers
Here's some things you should know about acid rain......


  • Acid rain is carries the chemicals sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. 
  • Acid "rain" isn't just rain; acid snow, acid fog or mist, acid gas, and acid dust all have the same effect as acid rain.
  • Most acid rain problems are caused by large coal burner plants in the West.
  • Lakes and streams are normally acidic, but acid rain can make them so acidic that it damages animal and plant life.
  • Acid rain can cause a mass killing to trees.
  • Area's can become very hazy and foggy due to acid rain.
  • Acid rain (which is linked with acid air pollution)has been linked to breathing and lung problems in childeren, and people who have asthma.
  • Even people in exceptional health could have their lungs damaged by this acid air.
  • Stone buildings and monuments are targets of damage from acid rain.

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